You Found one of our Secret Sites

What is Vashon’s oldest link? Or should I say Website. While no one likes to talk about their age, do websites get better with age? We hope so. With new server side technologies like PHP. And client side technologies like Flash and Java. Surfing the Internet has become more exciting and dangerous at the same time. Go to the wrong website and your computer could be exploited. Virus protection and pop up blockers are standard tools. Those that play it real safe don not use Flash or Java. and its community of sites are all safe to surf. While we do use some client and server technologies, we strive to provide a virus and ad-ware free experience. Yes there are ads on these sites but we try to be as unobtrusive as possible while providing sponsors with reasonable ad placement.

So who is the Oldest Link? Well I heard in the Isle’s of Thriftway that it its, and was confirmed when I was in line at Café Luna. but that’s only the longest registered. The one website that has been providing information on Vashon Maury Island is